Extra fees and services

Extra Price €


Self deductible and window damage 0€ (included in Prime pack)

30 € month

Additional drivers (included in Prime pack)

6 € month

Car delivery and collection (Harju county)

60 € 
Car delivery and collection (Estonian territory)

150 €

Fuel discout card and invoices administration (included in Prime pack)

12 € month

Seasonal tire change and storage (included in Prime pack)

18 € month



Fail to notify major damage or accident

250 €

Lost or broken key

100 € + Price of new key

Smoking in the car

250 € + Interior dry cleaning (if necessary, the cost of repairing or replacing the broken interior parts) price

Returning car with soiled interior

100 € + Interior dry cleaning price

Fail to notify dashboard warning signs and service due indicators

250 € + Repair price

Using wrong fuel

250 € + Repair price

Using the car for taxi, car-sharing or courier services (or for any other activity prohibited by the contract)

1000 € + Termination of agreement

Drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs (DUI)

1000 € + Termination of agreement + covering the costs of repairs and / or insurance in the event of an accident

Exceeding mileage limit

0,15 €/km 

Returning car with light scratches on body panels

100 € + polishing price

Vehicle collection

Price according to the package and region (towing service costs will be added to the price)

Lost vehicle documents, service book or user guide

200 €

Exceeding speed limit more than +20km/h


Accident caused by exceeding speed limit

500€ + all repairs and losses (contractual self excess will be void)

Fee for early termination of rental agreement One month rental fee.

Changing the payment date, reducing the monthly payment, payment holiday, etc.

50 €

Fine administration

From 3 €. If the fine is not paid on time, Rentiplus has the right to demand a fine in the amount of € 75 + interest on the fine (0.022% per day)