Monthly car subscription for your business.

Renti subscription is the flexible alternative to leasing or buying. It offers a wide range of well-equipped cars in a fully customizable car subscription for your company. Subscribe for as little as one month and cancel on a monthly basis.

For Business

Why subscribe to Renti car

Simple, flexible and convenient - enjoy the benefits of a new car today

Why subscribe to Renti car

New car here and now

Don't wait for your business, subscribe to the car and start working today

Everything is included in one invoice

If you choose Rent Premium, we will take care of everything, you will receive one bill. Believe us, your accountant will be happy

Car variety

Suitable for every business! Big, small, petrol or electric - we have what you need

Exchange My Car

Send us your vehicle or fleet information. We will reviewdetails and make you an attractive offer.

Rent is better than leasing

Rent is better than leasing

Choose a car and book

We offer a wide range of cars where many are availabejust in 24h notice.

How to subscribe a car from Renti?

How to subscribe a car from Renti?

  • Find your a car or entire fleet from a wide selection of models;
  • Choose a rental period from 1 to 24 months. If the car is not suitable, we offer flexible conditions for its replacement;
  • Fill in the request form with your contact details and we will contact you shortly;
  • Car can be picked up already on next day;
  • What to do with an old car? According to your wishes, we will help you sell it or we will buy it from your.

Application process

Four easy steps to enjoy your new ride!

Rent is better than leasing

Rent is better than leasing
The future of car ownership!

The future of car ownership!

For a monthly fee, Renti car subscription allows you to enjoy driving one or multiple vehicles without any of the responsibilities associated with ownership.

You pay a monthly fee to rent a car, which is owned and maintained by Renti. Select a vehicle from our webiste and enjoy driving it until you want to swap it for a new one.

All cars might not be brand new but they’re typically less than three years old. However, subscribing to a one of our packs guarantees always and excellent condition.

Your subscription comes with a mileage of 1500km monthly, which is built into your fee, but it's easy to applie for additional monthly mileage up to 3000km.

When your term is over, you simply return the vehicle to us. If you are interested in buying your rental vehicle, that can be arranged as well.

Looking for a retailed offer?

Enter your contact details and click "Send Request". We will contact you shortly and make you a retailed offer!