Car Subscription for individuals.

Subscribe a car with flexible & all inclusive monthly fee with no down-payment. Only new or young cars and all the latest models. Choose the most suitable package and drive. 

Why subscribe to Renti car

Simple, flexible and convenient - enjoy the benefits of a new car today

Why subscribe to Renti car

Easy and fast

No complicated leasing applications or down payments and no hidden fees! Choose a car, fill in the application and drive.

Only one invoice

When choosing the Renti, we will take care of car maintenance and all other car costs.

Car variety

Suitable for every business! Big, small, petrol or electric - we have what you need

Exchange My Car

Send us your vehicledetailed information. We will reviewdetails and make you an attractive offer.

Rent is better than leasing

Rent is better than leasing

Choose the right car and subscribe

We offer a wide range of vehicles for every taste and purpose

How to subscribe a car from Renti?

Find your car or entire fleet from our wide selection of models;

Choose a rental period from 1 to 24 months. If the car is not suitable, we offer flexible conditions for its replacement;

Fill in the request form with your contact details and we will contact you shortly;

Car can be picked up already on next day;

What to do with an old car? According to your wishes, we will help you sell it or we will buy it from your.

Application process

Four easy steps to enjoy your new ride!

Rent is better than leasing

Rent is better than leasing

Monthly Car Subscription - The Modern Mobility

In a world where everything is constantly changing, it is important to change with it. More and more people in the world are giving up buying  and owning cars, preferring freedom, flexibility and financial independence. Renti offers a modern alternative to buying a car - subscribing a new car on monthly bases.

Make yourself free on the road with a brand new car that offers driving pleasure and modern comfort. To do this, choose the vehicle you like from our website and one of our packages.

  • Base - a starter pack, with the most essential.
  • Prime - all inclucive, no worries, just drive.

Make a selection according to your preferences and submit an application. Renting is a suitable replacement for buying a new car or comfortable choice if the delivery of your new vehicle is a long way off. The use of the Renti service is also ideal for those who prefer flexibility and have no interest in owning a car that creates an additionl liablities. Check out our car selection, packages and choose the one that suits you best!

Looking for a retailed offer?

Enter your contact details and click "Send Request". We will contact you shortly and make you a retailed offer!